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About The Game

Cubefield is a legendary flash game which was developed years ago but still lots of people all around the world enjoy it. The game is very simple - your mission is to drive a small spaceship which must fly through field full of cubes. Your single mission is to avoid hitting any object on your way. The endless field of cubes is a dangerous place in cubefield game. At the beginning of the game everything seems to be very easy but as you progress, the whole game speed up and the screen becomes black, because the speed is very high. You will have only a moment to make a decision - move right or left.  Are you ready to try ?

How To Play Cubefield

Even though that playing the game requires only two buttons  (left and right arrow buttons to move), the game is rather tricky. Cubefield doesn't have levels or stages that you should complete. It is an endless game, it means that you will fly until you hit something on your way. The only thing to have fun is to set a new record of points that you get for each try.  Share your records with us.

About Us

CubefieldAZ.com is a website where you can enjoy your favorite game anytime you want. We are opened 24/7 and unblocked in most schools. Hope that you will enjoy the Cube Field game with us.